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Fix to Sell and Inspection Report Services


Serving the Greater Chittenden County Area

Feel Confident That You're Ready to Sell.

Addressing code compliance issues and getting your home ready for a sale often pays dividends in the long run. 


Below are common issues which home inspectors flag, and buyers notice when making decisions about which property is right for them.

Factors That Make Your Home Harder To Sell

A fresh coat of paint offers an inexpensive way to freshen up a home before putting it on the market. It covers up marks on the walls, and helps to get rid of undesirable smells.

Rotted Siding and Exterior Trim

Rotten siding is unattractive, and will eventually lead to rotten structural members. 


Potential buyers often gauk at the asking price if the home for sale literally doesn't include a "roof over their head".

Reconfigure Floor Plans

Today's buyers are leaning more towards open concept floor plans which allow for better natural light penetration, and a roomier feel. Older homes were built in more segmented rooms for heating purposes. Modern insulation makes these considerations irrelevant. 


The oldest homes often have no more than corn husks and newspapers in the walls for insulation. And even homes as new as the 1970's can have their energy bills drastically reduced by implementing modern insulation technologies. 

Common Code Compliance Issues

We can help you address inspection report issues, or get out ahead of them.

Accessibility and ADA Compliance

A more common issue for commercial and rental properties than single family homes. We can resize openings, make sure transitions are the right height, install grab bars and handrails, create proper clearances at sinks and counters, and ensure compliance with many other components to this law which might holdup the completion of a sale. 

Hand Rails and Fall Protection

Baluster spacing on stair and deck railings, as well as half wall heights are considered safety issues by inspectors.

Establish Paths of Egress

Egress is one of the components of fire safety which inspectors take seriously. Make sure that exit corridors are clearly established and that your doors and door hardware all comply with fire safety code.

Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos is a material that used to be used as a fire retardant. It was discovered some time ago that it causes cancer and is a health concern and liability for a home or business owner.

Mold Remediation

Mold in a building can be terrible for the health of the occupants, and for landlords can result in huge costs if not dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Fire Extinguishers

In multifamily housing and commercial properties a fire extinguisher must be located at the proper height in an easily accessible area.