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Construction Jobs in Vermont

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Why Vermont Construction Company?

  • Professional development and training

  • Paid time off

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Current Openings

Project Manager

Vermont Construction Company is looking for a Project Manager. We are a Colchester-based start-up grounded in traditional artisanship and working to revolutionize the relationship between the trades and present and future technologies. We are seeking innovators, entrepreneurs, and team players to join us as we grow as the area's best trades professionals. The Project Manager supports multiple job sites and on-site project supervisors, managing the movement of employees and materials to sites as needed. The Project Manager must be excellent at self-management and task-management, as they will be responsible for smooth communication and operation flow across multiple job sites simultaneously. The ideal candidate will be capable of implementing and using software solutions for task-management and project management. The Project Manager must have excellent people skills and the ability to communicate effectively with clients, project managers, and employees. The Project Manager must be emotionally intelligent and capable of commanding respect from employees and clients from all walks of life. We are looking for someone who is comfortable in fast-paced, detail-oriented environments.

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Areas of Responsibility

  • Hold weekly meetings with clients to review budgets of ongoing projects

  • Communicate with Project Supervisors to maintain all necessary equipment, materials, and manpower as needed on all sites.

  • Work with Estimator to bring new projects into the Active Pipeline

    • Ordering long lead-time materials

    • Acquiring permits

    • Scheduling subcontractors ahead of project start

    • Reviewing schedule, scope, and cost estimate to provide customers and Project Supervisors with information about unforeseen project needs

  • Maintain standards of professionalism amongst employees and subs

  • Ensure compliance with building regulations and safety codes

  • Acting as quality control

  • Maintain client relations

  • Coordinate delivery of materials

  • Executing change orders

  • Must be able to drive a trailer

  • Enforce administrative processes

    • Reviewing time logs

    • Ensuring receipts and invoices are appropriately cost-coded

Construction Planners


The Construction Estimator will be responsible for reviewing project details in the form of blueprints and project specifications. Additionally, they must also be capable of reviewing project scopes on-site and collecting information about the project relevant to developing accurate cost estimates. Estimators are expected to employ various estimation strategies to arrive at accurate project costs and scopes.

We are willing to train the right individual from outside the trade who has the following traits and experiences: excellent and sustained attention to detail, excellent with Excel or other similar systems, familiarity with various types of contract structuring and agreements, and ability to visualize real-world concepts in an abstract form. Possible backgrounds that could translate well to this position include engineering, architecture, or IT.  

Areas of Responsibility

  • Must be able to work with software-based solutions for distributing and receiving bid documents as well as producing digital cost estimates and proposals

  • Reviewing the scopes of subcontractor bids and negotiating with suppliers and subcontractors.

  • The ideal candidate must have either extensive construction experience or be able to synthesize relevant information from the experts and execute subsequent tasks and communications.

On-Site Supervisor

On-site supervisor will be responsible for reviewing construction details, troubleshooting on-site problems, and reporting changes in the scope or budget to the client and the Project Coordinator. On-site supervisors must have in-depth knowledge of the trades and their relationships to one another. On-site supervisors should be responsible for managing quality control – keeping the site clean, interfacing with clients on a daily basis, reviewing time cards from employees, reviewing subcontractor invoices, cost coding and submitting receipts to the office. Anticipating material and manpower needs and communicating with suppliers, subs, employees, and Project Coordinator. The on-site supervisor is expected to actively participate in all work being performed on site, alongside administrative duties. 

Current Openings

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