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Kitchen Renovations & Remodels 

Kitchens are the center of activity in many homes. A renovation offers a chance to increase counter space, install safer appliances, and create better traffic flow. This makes your cooking and entertaining experiences more enjoyable, while substantially adding to the value of your home.

Our Remodeling Packages:

Basic Remodel


A fresh coat of paint offers an inexpensive way to bring back the vibrancy to your kitchen.


New appliances bring added layers of functionality, styling, safety, and energy savings that older models lack. 


Updated flooring can completely transform the look, feel and functionality of your kitchen. Add appeal and style to your kitchen.


For our basic remodel package, we refinish all cabinets. This will add style and enhanced durability.

Complete Remodel


This is one of the most thoroughly considered aspects of any kitchen. We have a range of options for all budgets and preferences.


For our complete remodel package, we replace your cabinets. You can choose from standard dimensions or custom-built to fit your ktichen.


Updated kitchen appliances can drastically enhance your kitchen's style. Not to mention, it almost always improves your cooking routine and food.

Kitchen Sink

This seemingly simple component has several factors and plenty of options to consider. 

Full Renovation

Expanded Space

Move some walls to make room for an island and a bigger refrigerator.  Or consider a minor addition to add total area your home and in your kitchen.

Changed Layout

Changing a layout can involve moving plumbing, walls, and electrical devices. This usually involves bringing in additional specialists. 

New Location

Adding a kitchen as a new space will often require making compromises with existing areas, running new plumbing lines, electrical circuits, and even shoring up floor joists to withstand the added static load of tile and cement. 

Full Package

A full rennovation includes all upgrades found in our basic and complete remodel packages!

Our Past Kitchen Renovations

See Our Client Testimonials, and Past Clients

"My experience with Vermont Construction was outstanding! The team exceeded my expectations with everything from the quality of their work, cost, and overall experience. The team on time daily, kept things neat while doing the work, and kept me informed of their progress. I strongly recommend Vermont Construction and will use them again for future home renovation projects."

- Dan Lyons

I highly recommend Vermont Construction Company. They arrived at my on time, and accomplished kitchen remodel in a timely matter. I will recommend Vermont Construction Company to friends, and when they ask if they do good work, I'll show them my kitchen.

- John Carter

"Vermont Construction is everything we hoped for in our full, 3 room reconstruction in our 250 year old farmhouse. Our kitchen, dining and living room went from a dark, enclosed, separated living space to an all inclusive, sunny and airy, up to date, contemporary, spacious modern farmhouse. We couldn't be happier. All of VT Construction workers were knowledgeable, skillful, highly qualified, diligent, hardworking, polite, engaging people who strove every day to work with us on our dream project. Vermont Construction always went above and beyond to make sure that all the minor details were perfected as they went through each step of this vast reconstruction."

- Helen Weston

"Vermont Construction Company completed a significant remodel and upgrade to our kitchen, mudroom and first floor bathroom. We had some initial plans when we met them, but David quickly pointed out we'd be doing a lot of work and still end up with a small kitchen. They suggested taking out a load bearing wall, which we never had considered, and the end product is amazing. Their ideas and experience came into play whenever we were unsure and it ended up being a big project with great results. All staff and sub-contractors were top notch."

- Zach Williamson

Remodeling can require a large amount of planning to get the most out of space. We will work with you from the beginning to design a package that best suits your values and means. Once we understand your desires, we will assist in selecting the materials which will transform or complement your space, and create schematics to ensure a smooth construction process. We won’t start demolition until every detail is accounted for so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible. 

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