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A Vermont Based

Contracting Company 


Vermont Construction is a Vermont based, privately owned business providing construction services to the Champlain Valley and North Central Vermont. Our mission is to give customers access to all home building and maintenance services through one contractor. The company is fully insured, and our craftsmen are trained and incentive to produce the highest quality work.  Services include everything from the early conception of a new project, to emergency repair services.

For any trades that we do not directly perform, we partner with local and regional subcontractors to help us put together complete packages.

We value the safety of our employees and the integrity of our work.  We know that to create the best possible outcome requires clear communication, detailed planning, and a thorough understanding of our customer’s goals and values.


When it comes to our customers, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. We are dedicated to understanding the differing values and circumstances of every customer and their projects. That way, we can tailor the parameters of your project to fit your needs best.




87 Rose St

Burlington VT, 05401


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