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Masonry and Chimneys


Patios are an excellent place to enjoy the fleeting warm weather in Vermont, visit with family, or cook a meal.

We can help you design your patio, pick the materials, and build a budget.

A great patio starts with excellent planning, and we are here to help you from the beginning. 

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Chimney Repair and New Builds

Chimney Cleaning 

  • If not addressed in its early stages, water infiltration in your chimney can cause costly structural damage and lead to additional expenses. Repairing your chimney is always a good idea. Not addressing it when it's noticed will only cost you more money in the long run. 

  • We deal with everything from repointing and minor repairs to rebuilding chimneys from the ground up. 

  • Additionally, our carpentry and roofing divisions specialize in dealing with any damage which has been done to the adjoining parts of the building.

  • We cal also remove your chimney and close off the area where it was.

  • Call us for your regular chimney cleanings!

  • Burning wood or heating your home with other methods causes the build up of creosote, which can cause house fires. Regular maintenance is crucial. 

  • The Fire Protection Agency recommends annual cleanings. 

Chimney New Builds

  • We can build your chimney from the ground up.

  • Brick, fieldstone, or veneer. Let us help you build the chimney of your dreams. 

Stone Walls

  • Dry stack

  • Mortared

  • Retaining Walls

Stone Veneer

  • Foundation Veneer

  • Accent Walls

  • Fireplace Surround

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Stone Wall.jpg

- Ernie Pomerleau

I trust Vermont Construction for my family construction projects. They are committed to perfection and cater to our needs, while staying on budget and on time.

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