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Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Renovations & Remodels 

Kitchens are the center of activity in many homes. A renovation offers a chance to increase counter space, install safer appliances, and create better traffic flow. This makes your cooking and entertaining experiences more enjoyable, while substantially adding to the value of your home.

Basic Remodel​


New appliances bring added layers of functionality, safety, and energy savings that older models lack. 

Refinished Cabinets

Sometimes less is more when it comes to updating your cabinets. Removing old paint or re-staining your maple cabinets is all you may need. We can strip it down to its base and add a finish that best fits your style.


There are many types of kitchen backsplashes to choose from, you’ll want a backsplash that fits the other finishes in the kitchen.  While having more choices is always a good thing, it can also be overwhelming. To help you on your journey to find the perfect backsplash tile we'll work closely with you and offer all options.


A fresh coat of paint offers an inexpensive way to bring back the vibrancy to your kitchen.


There is a broad range of options when deciding from bathroom flooring options, from vinyl and linoleum sheet and tile to Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Stone, to Epoxy in more practical settings. It's essential to consider your budget and design preferences. Flooring can range from $5 to $50 per foot, installed.

Complete Remodel​​


Countertops are one of the most thoroughly considered components of a kitchen, partially because of their price. Countertop options range from laminate, solid surface, butcher block, stainless steel, and concrete, to a variety of stones, including granite, marble, honed slate, and soapstone. Laminate and reliable surface products are a more affordable option that mimics the look of natural stone. 


Cabinets come in a variety of styles. From plain-faced, to heavily profiled. They are usually made from wood or particleboard with a wood or synthetic veneer. Cabinets can be purchased in a variety of standard dimensions, or custom-built to fit your space 


Picking out a new appliance can be intimidating. Identifying the right appliance for your space can add style while also helping with efficiency in your home. 

Kitchen Sink

This seemingly simple component has several factors and plenty of options to consider. Stainless steel, soapstone, composite, ceramic, and more. Combined faucet hardware or separate? Garbage disposal? Soap dispenser? Flexible hose? Have you integrated backsplash? Top mount, under mount, farmhouse or apron? 

Full Renovation​​

Expanded Space

Move some walls to make room for an island and a bigger refrigerator.  Or consider a minor addition to add total area your home and in your kitchen.

Changed Layout

Changing a layout can involve moving plumbing, walls, and electrical devices. It usually involves substantially more demolition, as well as bringing in additional specialists. 

New Location​


Adding a kitchen as a new space will often require making compromises with existing areas, running new plumbing lines, electrical circuits, and even shoring up floor joists to withstand the added static load of tile and cement. 

- Ernie Pomerleau

I trust Vermont Construction for my family construction projects. They are committed to perfection and cater to our needs, while staying on budget and on time.

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