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Siding is your home's first line of defense against the elements and is the largest part of its over all aesthetic.  

Maintenance and Repair

Keeping up with your home's siding is very important.  Over time you will inevitably find some damage or decay on your siding.  Repairing it as soon as possible prevents further damage from occurring. 

Contact our team today and we will:

  • Identify and correct underlying cause of the damage.

  • Inspect and patch the protective barriers and flashing underneath the siding.

  • Repair the siding to match the rest, like we were never there.

Replacement or New Installation

Whether you are replacing the siding on your home or selecting siding for your new home, this is a big decision.  Each type of siding has budget impacts, maintenance implications, and greatly affects the overall look and style of your home.



Vinyl siding is tried and true.  This is what you will see on most homes in our area and for good reasons.  Its affordable, with a long lifespan, and low maintenance. 

Fiber Cement


If you want the look of wood but not the maintenance, then fiber cement board is a good choice.  It has a similar price point, great durability, a wood-like look, and very low maintenance.


Image by David Angel

Wood siding commonly includes styles like the  clapboards seen above, barn board and baton, or shakes.  With a higher cost to install, and higher maintenance, wood is usually chosen for its great look and environmental friendliness. 



On a residence metal typically has a very modern look; there are lots of options for style and color.  While metal offers superior durability and low maintenance, it is often the most expensive option.

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